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    National University of Lesotho International Science and Technology
    Innovation Conference and Expo
    Africa-EU Renewable Energy Research and Innovation Symposium

    NULISTICE 2020 with RERIS 2020
    23 - 26 January 2020

Message from the Chairperson of the NULISTICE 2020

Dear Prospective Delegate
On behalf of the National University of Lesotho, we are pleased to invite you to National University of Lesotho International Science, Technology and Innovation Conference and Expo (NULSTICE 2020, a bi-annual event. Unlike NULISTICE 2018, this year’s event is much more focused but no less important. It includes (a) An Expo at the Pioneer Mall, (b) The NUL Innovation Hub_ Vodacom Hackathon at the NUL and (c) the Gala Dinner at Maseru Avani.

Through NULISTICE, our primary objective remains the same— to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship among our staff members, students and graduates and to expose their innovation and creativity to the outside world with the sole aim of creating sustainable jobs to curb youth unemployment in Lesotho.

Prof. K. Mosito
NUL Pro-Vice Chancellor and Chairperson of NULSTICE 2020

Important Dates


18-19 Jan 2020


21-24 Jan 2020

Gala Dinner

23 Jan 2020


  • Biotechnology

  • Environment and Natural resources management

  • Food and water safety

  • Climate change challenges and mitigation strategies for developing countries

  • Agriculture and food security

  • Material science and nano-technology

  • Entrepreneurship and technology

  • Information and Communication Technology

Expo Stalls Tickets

Nul Alumna
Non-NUL Affiliates
M 350
M 400

Gala Dinner Tickets

Table of 10
M 400
M 700
M 3, 500

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