NULISTICE EXPO, Gala Dinner & Hackathon


Date: Tuesday 21st of January 2020 to Friday 24th of January 2020
Venue: Pioneer Mall ground and first floor corridors

The stalls will display tangible innovative products by NUL lecturers, students, graduates, and interested businesses from outside the NUL. Please note that only businesses that do value addition are accepted. We don't take businesses that buy and sell.
Submission: Please submit an introduction of your business or product (just a sentence). Put in your full contact details including email and cell phone (preferaly whatsapp).

Deadline: 30 December 2019

Buy a stall electronically here or put it into the following NUL account (Send a proof of payment to:


Date: Thursday 23rd of January 2020
Vanue: Avani Maseru

The Conference will be in the form of a Science, Technology and Innovation Forum at the Gala Dinner. The Gala will be a time to enjoy and reflect on the journey of innovation.

Deadline: 30 December 2019

Buy Gala Dinner tickets here electronically or find paper tickets at the NUL Innovation Hub. Contact: or call +266 53256707 for more information.


Date: Midday and of the 18th January 2020 to Midday of the 19th January 2020
Vanue: NUL, Roma

This will be a 24 hour coding marathon (hackathon) where computer gurus and thinkers from other disciplines in Lesotho and South Africa's higher education institutions will battle it out, solving the most interesting problems of our time. Students and graduates from NUL, LIMKWOKWIN, LEROTHOLI, BOTHO etc, and South Africa Universities are invited to apply.
Competing teams must have a maximum of 5 competitors and a minimum of 1 competitor. Each team must have at least one person with a knowledge of coding. Awards will be given to winners.

Deadline: 30th of January 2020

Contact: or call +266 53256707 for more information.