NULISTICE 2020 Proceedings

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Front Cover DOWNLOAD
P.E. Mosebi, M.P. Ntakatsane, P.A. Matebesi-Ranthimo, R. Makata Production and Utilization of Conserved Barley and Oat Grass as Fodder for Merino Sheep DOWNLOAD
‘Mammatli Kompi , S.B. Mekbib1 , M.J. George Evaluation of Microalgae Sludge as Biofertilizer for Growth of Maize Under Greenhouse Trials DOWNLOAD
Matlosa T., George M.J., Mekbib S.B. Evaluation of animal manure as a feedstock for the production of biogas in comparison with sewage water microalgae DOWNLOAD
Teboho Lekatsa, Kebitsamang Joseph Mothibe , `Mamakase Sello, Puseletso Lekhema Bacteriological Properties of Commercially Available Fermented Sorghum Beverages (Motoho) Against Selected Spoilage Microorganisms in Maseru DOWNLOAD
K.E. Molefe , S.B. Mekbib, L.Williams , M.J. George Physicochemical and Microbiological Quality Assessment of Different Brands of Bottled Water in Maseru, Lesotho DOWNLOAD
Teboho Lekatsa , Mothibe Kebitsamang Joseph, `Mamakase Sello Deploying Novel Forms of Nisin to Control Listeria Monocytogenes in Food Industry DOWNLOAD
Mosisili Sebotsa Language, Science and Translation within a Socio-Developmental Context in Lesotho DOWNLOAD
Thabiso Letseka, Mosotho J. George Screening and Extraction of Essential Oils from Different Indigenous Non-food Plants for Detergent Production DOWNLOAD
S.E. Aiyuk , R.N. Molomo, A.M. George Wastewater Stabilization Pond Technology: Effectiveness and Efficiency at the Ratjomose Sewage Treatment Plant, Maseru, Lesotho DOWNLOAD
Amelia Mashea, Motsoanku ‘Mefane , ‘Mantsane Tsoloane-Bolepo , Nkeme Sehalahala National Action Plan for Reducing Maternal Mortality in Lesotho DOWNLOAD
S.B. Mekbib , M.J. George , M.V. Marake Bioenergy for Africa - The Quest for Energy Independence and Food Security DOWNLOAD
Mohale B. Mabaleha, Susan L. Bonnet, Anke Wilhelm Lesotho Medicinal Plants of the Acteraceae Family: A Review of the Ethnobotany, Chemistry and Conservation Status DOWNLOAD
Aiyuk, S.* , Khants’i B., Moeti T. Producing Sustainable Clean Energy & Ensuring Sanitation Through Blackwater Management DOWNLOAD
S. Aiyuk, T. Siimane, R. Hlabana , K. Mothibe The VIP Latrine in Lesotho: Addressing Technical Flaws From the Qachas’Nek District Experience DOWNLOAD
M. Nete, L. P. Mona, W. Purcell Mineral Production & Processing and Associated Environmental Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa DOWNLOAD
Gertrude Mothibe, Nomalima Tshabalala The Effects of Traditional Medicines in Pregnant Women: A Case Study in Lesotho DOWNLOAD
Hailemicheal Alemu, Lineo F. Maxakaza, Himanshu Narayan Synthesis and Characterization of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles and their Application as Electrode Modifiers DOWNLOAD
Amrita Singh, Brijesh Gaud, Himanshu Narayan, Rinkesh Kurkure,Sandesh Jaybhaye Eco-Friendly Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles for Rayon Pulp DOWNLOAD
M. Singh Modelling of Thermal Expansion Coefficient and Specific Heat of Nanomaterials DOWNLOAD